About us

Tsuki Scans was founded solely for Boku o Tsutsumu Tsuki no Hikari scanlation but now we're also scanlating Pride and Do Da Dancin'! and maybe more mangas in the future. ^^

Members of the group:
  • Appaku, a Japanese translator - working on Boku wo Tsutsumu Tsuki no Hikari;
  • Jonlxh, a Chinese translator - working on Do Da Dancin'!
  • Miraculous, a Chinese translator - working on Do Da Dancin'!.
  • Mera, a proofreader - working on various mangas.
  • me (Sirvia), an editor (and founder of Tsuki Scans) - working on various mangas.
Quality Checkers:
  • Deena, a quality checker - working on various mangas.
We will try our best to bring you releases as fast as possible but we won't forget about the quality either.

If you want to contact us then please email to: tsukiscans@gmail.com

Members on temporarily leave:
  • Dodo, a cleaner;
  • Dracofalco, a Chinese translator;
  • Karen, a Chinese translator;
  • Viv, a Chinese translator;
  • Ryuu_Yuu, a proofreader;
  • aniV, a cleaner;
  • Galatea, a cleaner;
  • Tini, a cleaner;
Thank you to these members who helped Tsuki Scans but have retired or gone MIA:

Rachael, a Japanese translator;
Sumay, a Chinese translator;
Melody, a Chinese translator;
Louise, a Chinese translator;
Hu Yuanyuan, a Chinese translator;
Gabriela, a Chinese translator;
Othellia, a Japanese translator;
Sleepyhead, a Chinese translator;
Elspeth, a Chinese translator;
Fiona, a Chinese translator;
Ryou Hikari, a Chinese translator;
xah, a Chinese/Japanese translator;
Helen, a proofreader;
Suki-ongaku, a proofreader;
Wraith000, a proofreader;
Himeko, a proofreader;
Kairi, a cleaner;
benii, a cleaner;
Amaru, a cleaner;
Miku, a typesetter;
Mango25, a typesetter.
Candice, an editor;
Roze, a quality checker.


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