Nokemono to Hanayome

"This series, a joint projects between the rising star Nakamura Asumiko and renowned director of Shoujo Kakumei Utena Ikuhara Kunihiko, weaves a strange, surreal, and often dark comedy respendent with ruffles and lace. It is on the surface a farce about a young girl traveling with her lover, some sort of bear-type creature, but as to be expected of Ikuhara it's multi-layered.
The series is being endorsed by Baby the Stars Shine Bright, the leading name in Japanese lolita fashion, and the characters often wear clothes based off of those from the company."

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo  
Status in Original Country: 3 volumes (Ongoing)
Scanlation status: Nokemono to Hanayome (click here) 

Volume 1 [download the whole volume]
Chapter 1 by Transcendence
Chapter 2 by Transcendence
Chapter 3 by Transcendence
Chapter 4 by Transcendence
Chapter 5 by Transcendence
Chapter 6 by Transcendence
Chapter 7 by Transcendence
Chapter 8 by Transcendence
Chapter 9 by Transcendence
Chapter 10 by Transcendence
Chapter 11 by Transcendence
Chapter 12 by Tsuki Scans & Transcendence
Chapter 13 by Tsuki Scans
Chapter 14 by Tsuki Scans
Chapter 15 by Tsuki Scans


  1. Thank you very much for scanlating Nokemono to Hanayome. I like a lot Nakamura Asumiko's art and stories. Do you know maybe when could you release a new chapter?

    1. Hello Ros! Thank you for reading it!! ^^ The next release will be soon, hopefully in a few days.