Nov 23, 2011

Volume 2 ch.7 release

Here is the last chapter of volume 2 - chapter 7. Please enjoy!!

Translator: Raijin
Proofreader: Megmerrai
Editor: Sirvia
QCer: Katana1765

I have to admit that this chapter is my favorite so far and as Kairi wrote: "It made me nostalgic about the original series."

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  1. Thank you Raijin, megmerrai, Sirvia, and Katana1765!
    Like you said, that was an amazing chapter. I love watching the old characters in this series even though Ren is now the main character. It's especially sweet to see Mokuren and Shion care for Ren so much. Really, this series is up there as one of the most heart-warming stories I've read =)
    Btw, Happy be-lated Thanksgiving guys!

  2. Thank you Panbear for your comment!! ^^
    And Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  3. Every time you release a new chapter I reread the series from start to finish. It all makes me so nostalgic lol. Great job on the translation and cleaning! Thank you so much!

  4. Thanks for submitting this!! I love this series and you are doing a great job!!! >_<

  5. Thank you Cabbages and Blues for your comments!! ^^
    And Cabbages - do you really re-read all PSME chapters whenever a new chapter of BoTTnH comes out?

  6. I really do! I lose a night's worth of sleep but I'm usually crying too hard to notice. ;-;