Feb 3, 2012

BnTTnH v03 ch.10 & ch.11

Hello everyone!! ^^

Today we have a special release for you  - two chapters of BnTTnH!!! Isn't that great? ;) You'll have a bit more reading till the next chapter release. But I must warn you that ch.10 may squeeze a tiny drop of tears because we have a recollection of events that happened in the PSME and I must confess that I did cry when I red it in PSME.

A big thank you to these people for helping to bring ch.10 & ch.11 to you!! ^^

Translator: Raijin
Proofreader: megmerrai
Editor: Sirvia, Kairii, awymitts
QCer: Katana1765

ch.10 -> http://www.mediafire.com/?zcz9ep9nu3puf0b
ch.11 -> http://www.mediafire.com/?b3uckb4fhbxfdqm

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We are still looking for experienced typesetter for BnTTnH and also we'd like to scanlate these mangas: Do Da Dancin'! Imagine 29 Pride so we're looking for a Japanese and/or Chinese to English translators. As well as experienced editors and proofreaders. Please apply!! ^^

Also we kindly ask you to not upload our releases to any online reading sites such as mangafox, mangareader etc. as if you haven't heard already, they aren't respecting scanlator's waiting periods and are going as far as stealing and posting releases on their online reading sites that the scanlator's themself haven't released yet.



  1. Beautiful chapter that bring back memories, but chapter 11 seem more or less a short extra stories that fill in the gap between PSME and BTTH.

  2. Thank you for your great work! :D

  3. Thanks for the chapters. :)

  4. Thank you so for releasing 2 chapter at once ^^

  5. Thank you everyone for your comments! ^^ I'm glad that you're enjoying this manga.
    And yes, ch.11 was more like an extra story but it still was interesting to read. ^^

  6. Thank you so much!! I love your scanlations, great quality and it brings back so many fond memories.

  7. Just finished reading this chapter -- adorable as usual.
    At first, I was wondering about Rin's awkward feelings towards cats and I was searching my memory about Shion's past. Then it all clicked and I felt really sorry for Shion/Rin.
    I truly loved Please Save My Earth <3