Mar 18, 2013

Pride v01 part 6 & Tenshi no Okurimono 4th and 5th story

Hello everyone!!
Today is Monday, a day that many people are not happy to welcome (have to go to school, work, etc. I think you understood what I meant ;)). We at Tsuki Scans worked really hard to make this day a bit more pleasant for you so we bring you a chapter from Pride and two chapters from Tenshi no Okurimono!!
Part 6 is the last part from Pride v01. One volume down, 11 to go!! Well, technically there's also a very small extra but it's not related to the main story so it'll be translated a bit later.
As for Tenshi no Okurimono - this time the two stories are a bit related to  another Hojo Tsukasa manga called "City Hunter". They're something like prequels for the City Hunter but not direct ones as the author himself wrote that in these two stories characters have a bit different characteristics than in the main story. Nevertheless, after reading these two stories I got really interested in City Hunter so I think I'll check it out. What about you? ^^

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As usual, thank you to these wonderful people for making it possible to get all these chapters to you today!!^^

Translators: Dracofalco (Tenshi no Okurimono) and Othellia (Pride)
Proofreaders: Suki-Ongaku and Ryuu
Cleaner: Sirvia
Typesetter: Mango25 (first released chapters for Tsuki Scans - welcome to the team!!^^)
Quality Checker: Eylon

Pride v01 part 6 -->
Tenshi no Okurimono - 4th story - City Hunter - XYZ -->
Tenshi no Okurimono - 5th story - City Hunter - Double Edge -->

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  1. Thank you so much! I was waiting for this!!! :D Make my day!!!! THANK YOU!

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  3. Thank you for leaving a comment. We're really glad that you're enjoying our releases. ^^

  4. Thank you so much for this series :DD I just love it so thank you for your hard work I am looking forward for what is happening next in Pride ;)