Mar 20, 2015

Do Da Dancin'! v03 ch.11

Today for Do Da Dancin'! fans we bring you the next chapter of v03 - ch.11!! ^_^ In this chapter we get some interesting interaction between Taiko and Kiryuu.
Also I wanted to tell you that new translators joined Tsuki Scans so I hope to bring you the next chapter after few weeks. ^^

Thank you to these wonderful members who helped scanlating this chapter:
Translator: xah, Miraculous
Proofreader: Merp
Cleaner: Sirvia
Typesetter: Sirvia
QCer: Deena
Special Thanks to Appaku!

Do Da Dancin'! v03 ch.11 --> 

If you're interested how far we are with the coming chapters, you can visit this forum page: Also, if you find any errors, mistakes etc., please report them here:

Enjoy!! ^^

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