May 4, 2015

Do Da Dancin'! v03 ch.13

Hello, hello!!
How did you like our previous week's release? I  hope you enjoyed the new chapters!! Today we bring you ANOTHER chapter of Do Da Dancin'! And for all Do Da Dancin' readers I have a plea - starting from v06 the Chinese raws (from which we are translating to English) are very hard to read so we are looking for someone to provide us with better Chinese raws, if we won't manage to find them then sadly we'll have to stop scanlating this wonderful manga and I really wouldn't want for that to happen.

As always Thank you to these wonderful members who helped scanlating these chapters:

Translator: Miraculous
Proofreader: Merp 
Cleaner: Sirvia
Typesetter: Sirvia
QCer: Deena 

Do Da Dancin'! v03 ch.13 --> 

If you're interested how far we are with the coming chapters, you can click these links: Do Da Dancin'! (click here) If you find any errors, mistakes etc., please email to

Enjoy!! ^^


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