Dec 10, 2012

Pride v01 part 5


Today we bring you another part of Pride. Some really interesting things happen in this part but... I won't spoil them for you - you'll just have to download the chapter and read for yourself. ^^

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Thanks to these members for making it possible to release this chapter:

Translator: Othellia
Proofreader: Suki-Ongaku
Editor: Sirvia
Quality Checkers: Othellia & Sirvia

Pride v01 part 5 -->

If you're interested how far we are with the next chapters, you can see the chapter status here: And if you find any errors, mistakes etc. in the chapter, please report them here:

Have fun reading this released part!! ^^



  1. Thank yo so much for uploading this manga!!! Great work! :D

    1. Thank you Liz! We're really glad that you're ejoying it. ^^

  2. thnaks a lot^^ i have been waiting for ch5 :) can't wait for another chap. <3