Jan 2, 2013

BwTTnH v08 ch.42

Hello everyone!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (belated)!!! I hope that those who were celebrating these dates had a wonderful time. ^^ We at Tsuki Scans wish you all the best for 2013, we hope that if you have made a New Year's resolutions then they will come true. ^^ Maybe one of them is to read more BwTTnH? If it is then we'll help you as much as possible and today we bring you ch.42. It's the last chapter of v08 so to those who want to - you'll be able to download the whole v08.
I'd also like to apologize that we didn't manage to make a Christmas release like I wrote - sadly we got too busy with school, work etc. and there weren't enough people to finish typesetting chapters in time (that's why we are recruiting more cleaners and typesetters - please apply!) so we managed to release only ch.42 now. But at least one chapter is better than none, right? But I hope that we'll have more chapters at the end of January (hmm, maybe even the whole v09, but who knows...).
I'm sorry for the long text and I hope that at least some of you read it. ^^ We really wish you a Happy New Year and we'd like to thank the wonderful Esthetique for working with us this past year and we hope that we'll have more wonderful years to come! ^^

As usual, thank you to these wonderful people for making it possible to get all these chapters to you today!!^^

Translator: Appaku
Proofreader: Raijin
Editor: Sirvia
QCer: hkgaines
And a special thanks to Kathie Soto!!!

And a very, very big thank you to Esthetique for doing a joint with us for BwTTnH (please visit them and say "thank you" too^^).

BwTTnH v08 ch.42 --> http://www.mediafire.com/?lozusz819jeve87
BwTTnH v08 (ch.37 - ch.42) --> http://www.mediafire.com/?f03a5ncgbhq7dh6

If you're interested how far we are with the coming chapters, you can visit this forum page: http://w11.zetaboards.com/Tsukiscans/topic/7624457/1/#new Also, if you find any errors, mistakes etc., please report them here: http://w11.zetaboards.com/Tsukiscans/forum/3187368/

Have fun reading!! ^^


  1. Merry Christmas and happy new yeaaar!! Thank you very much for your work!!! >_< ~♥

  2. Hope you guys had a good time these holidays :)
    Thanks for the chapter~ *with fingers crossed, wishes to see the whole vol 9 at the end of Jan*
    "I'm sorry for the long text and I hope that at least some of you read it." Of course ^_^

    Have a nice January~

  3. Thank you for the wishes!! ^^
    And I'm really glad that there are people who read trough my posts. ^^