Jun 30, 2013

NtoH v01 ch.12

Hello everyone!!
First of all I'd like to apologize about the lack of releases. Your help would be really appreciated but about that a bit later.

Today we bring you a chapter of a very interesting and unique manga called Nokemono to Hanayome. As you probably know the first 11 chapters were released by a wonderful group called Transcendence and today we bring you ch.12 together with them. But, starting from ch.13, it's going to be done only by us. Some of you may wonder why it's like that? It's because at Transcendence this project was a side project so it got released at slower speed than all the other projects. So I proposed that I take over the project at Tsuki Scans as I was providing the raws for them as well as editing and they agreed. I got into contact with the translator and she also agreed to continue translating this manga so basically you get everything you got at Transcendence (with the almost same people) only the group is different. ^^ We hope that you'll enjoy our releases and continue reading this manga. For those who have never hear of it or read it - try and you may find yourself pleasantly surprised. But be warned, this manga is not meant for everyone.

Before continuing to releases I'd like to shout out to all people who know about scanlation or are interested in helping - at the moment we have 10 chapters of BwTTnH translated, almost 8 cleaned so as you can see we really, really need typesetters!! As well as other projects are in need of cleaners so if you're interested in helping, please email to tsukiscans@gmail.com

As always thank you to these wonderful people for making it possible to get this chapter to you today!!^^ And a big thank you to Transcendence for helping with this chapter!!! ^^

Translator: xdeathcat
Proofreader: Soraiiya
Editor: Sirvia
QCer: xdeathcat

NtoH v01 ch.12 --> http://www.mediafire.com/download/w89mayd4m2h244a

If you're interested how far we are with the coming chapters, you can visit this forum page: http://w11.zetaboards.com/Tsukiscans/topic/7624457/1/#new Also, if you find any errors, mistakes etc., please report them here: http://w11.zetaboards.com/Tsukiscans/forum/3187368/

Have fun reading! ^^


  1. Hey

    Can you tell us how many chapters of "Nokemono to Hanayome the Manga" are there of this will be posted later?

  2. Thanks for picking this up!!! I had given up hope of any new chapters.

  3. There are in total 15 chapters in v01 (so 3 more chapters and we'll finish this volume) and 16 chapters in v02. For v03 I do not know as I haven't bought it yet.

  4. Thank you very much for picking Nokemono to Hanayome! <3