Jul 4, 2013

Love Trap v01 part4[END]

Hello everyone!!

Happy 4th July to those who celebrate it!! ^^ As a present we bring you together with wonderful Esthetique the last chapter of Love Trap!! I'd like to congratulate Tsuki Scans too because this is our first completed project. I hope that you'll enjoy the last chapter. Even though this manga wasn't anything unique for me it still was a nice read.

Before continuing to releases I'd like to shout out to all people who know about scanlation or are interested in helping - at the moment we have 10 chapters of BwTTnH translated, almost 8 cleaned so as you can see we really, really need typesetters!! As well as other projects are in need of cleaners so if you're interested in helping, please email to tsukiscans@gmail.com

As always thank you to these wonderful people for making it possible to get this chapter to you today!!^^

Translator: Sleepyhead
Proofreader: Raijin
Editor: Sirvia
QCer: Katana1765

Thank you to the people mentioned above as they have made it possible to bring this manga to you from the start till the end. And a very, very big thank you to Esthetique for doing a joint with us for Love Trap (please visit them and say "thank you" too^^).

You can now find the project under "Completed" project list. ^^

If you're interested how far we are with the coming chapters, you can visit this forum page:  http://w11.zetaboards.com/Tsukiscans/topic/7624457/1/#new Also, if you find any errors, mistakes etc., please report them here: http://w11.zetaboards.com/Tsukiscans/forum/3187368/ 

Have fun reading! ^^