Jul 4, 2015

Boku wo Tsutsumu Tsuki no Hikari v15 ch.82

Another release and another BwTTnH ch. ^_^
Today together with Esthetique we bring you the second last chapter of Boku wo Tsutsumu Tsuki no Hikari - ch.82. With this chapter we have only one more and a small extra left. Slowly but definitely we're reaching the end. To tell you the truth, I do not want for it come to end because I'm really liking this series. (╥_╥) About this chapter I have to say only one things - more tears.
Enjoy it and we hope to see you soon!! ^_^

As always, thank you to the following members:

Translator: Appaku 
Proofreader: Raijin
Cleaner: Sirvia
Typesetter: Sirvia
QCer: Katana1765
Raw provider: Katana1765

And a special thanks to Kathie Soto!!!

And a very, very big thank you to Esthetique for doing a joint with us for BwTTnH (please visit them and say "thank you" too^^).

BwTTnH v15 ch.82 --> Mediafire link

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Enjoy the chapters!! ^^


  1. Congratulations, Sirvia!!!!!! =D

  2. As Please Save My Earth was my "youth" series, I'm really happy you wonderful people are scanlating this sequel - and to almost finish the series! Wow!

    Even though I'm a straight guy, I honestly can't help but shed tears in most chapters involving the aliens in PSME haha I'm such a wuss with this saga LOL

    Anyway, thank you so much, really, for scanlating this title! X3b

    As I read in the chatbox, looking forward to your releases of the third installment of the PSME saga, I Sing With Earth :D

    1. Hello Ais!
      Thank you very much for your comment. ^^
      To tell you the truth, at first I wasn't that into the series but as the story progressed and all those "past" people got involved I really came to like it. ^^
      And don't worry about crying!! As I was releasing these chapters I was warning readers that they are going to cry a lot. lol
      And yes, we're doing the sequel too (or the sequel sequel to PSME lol). In Japan already 3 or 4 chapters have been released so we estimate that around the end of this year the first volume could be released.