Jul 8, 2015

Fukurousou Aki Arimasu v01 ch.04

To all Fukurousou Aki Arimasu fans we bring you today ch.4!! (together with the wonderful One Snowshoe) In this chapter we get to now a tiny bit more about that Takewaka guy and who exactly he is to Tokio-chan. To tell you the truth, I'm really liking the main heroine in this manga. What are your thoughts about Tokio-chan? ^_^

Next chapter will be released most likely in August (there's a very small possibility of maybe releasing it a bit faster ^_^).

As always a massive Thank you to these wonderful members who helped getting this chapter done so fast:

Translator: Vhirx
Proofreader: Merp 
Cleaner: Sirvia
Typesetter: Sirvia
QCer: Deena 

A very big thank you to One Snowshoe for doing a joint with us for FAA (please visit them and say "thank you" too^^).

Fukurousou Aki Arimasu v01 ch.04 --> Mediafire link 

If you're interested how far we are with the coming chapters, you can click this link: Fukurousou Aki Arimasu (click here) If you find any errors, mistakes etc., please email to tsukiscans@gmail.com

Enjoy!! ^^


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